@sexyAllen4u - Buttons [Audio]

By Jay Aura - 11:28 AM

Allen Solestar is an up and coming artist coming out of the DMV area. He has a rich and soulful sound with influences such as Usher, Musiq Souldchild, Ne-yo, and Pharrell. His diverse range in sound and captivating music is met with a powerful voice that can mesmerize many. With a background in music that spans back to the age of 12, Allen Solestar has developed a unique style. While collaborating with his childhood friend, in 2009, they came together to start a label called Solestar Productions. The name Solestar was created to express the slogan "From the bottom to stardom." This principle inspired their drive and direction. Unfortunately that endeavor was short lived due to a fallout. But with the help of an iPhone with a Garage Band app, Allen Solestar has allowed his creativity to prosper. He is very passionate about using music to inspire, motivate, and set off emotions, not just to follow trends; Allen Solestar is a trend setter.

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